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The Best Las Vegas Buffets

In hand picking the best Las Vegas buffets, we considered the venue, quality of food, variety of food choices and caliber of service.

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Beating Roulette Wheels

There is no foolproof method for beating roulette wheels, but this sensible betting method is superior to playing haphazardly.

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Las Vegas Things To Do

Your idea of Las Vegas things to do may not be the same as mine, but see if some of my suggestions appeal to you.

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Las Vegas slot Tournaments

If the cost to enter is low and includes accommodation, Las Vegas slot tournaments can be your best and most lucrative entertainment value.

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What Vegas Slot Players Wish For

Just a few of the examples of the diverse wishes Vegas slot players have. All want “loose” machines although some didn’t call them that.

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Slot Machines in Vegas

Jackpots on slot machines in Vegas regularly tip over $1 million. Progressive games can easily hit $5-6 million.

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