Most Lucrative
Slot Machines in Vegas

While there are thousands of slot machines in Vegas, some pay out higher than others. Although that usually means the odds are higher, the fact that it's all down to chance and your penny or dollar bet can instantly turn you into a millionaire is hard to resist. Some of the most lucrative slot machines in Las Vegas are found in casinos away from the famous Strip.

Spin 'n' Win Slots If you're staying at the MGM Grand, then have a try a slot machine that's exclusive to the casino. With a progressive jackpot starting at half a million dollars, you can take the classic game of slots and mix it with some huge prizes. You can also play this one in multiple denominations.

Wheel of Fortune Slots are among the oldest and most played games to play, stunning jackpot prizes back up Wheel of Fortune's reputation. With a minimum win of $200,000, if you play with the maximum coins, and regular jackpots hitting $5-6 million, it's definitely worth trying your hand at this slot machine.

Win a Camaro. It's not just cash prizes you can win when you play slot machines in Vegas, you can have the chance to win a car. The Chevy Camaro is a stunning beast of a motor vehicle and for only a penny; you can take the keys to the new car if you hit the jackpot. This makes it a lucrative slot machine to try and win at, and as the prize is a car, there is no risk in pumping your winnings back into other slot machines.

Megabucks This is the granddaddy of all slot machines. Being available in more than 150 Vegas casinos, you have a minimum jackpot of $10 million! It costs $3 to play, which is far higher than those penny slot machines, but with previous winners taking home $33 million and $21 million, it could be the best $3 investment you've ever made. Obviously, with such monumental prize monies, the odds are a little high at 1:49 million but it could be worth a shot at the end of your gambling day.

There are two ways to collect multi million jackpots, in a similar way to how the U.S. lotteries are paid out. You can take a reduced sum as a bulk amount or have the full total spread out over 25 years, basically giving you earnings for a large portion of your life. Megabucks Slots still reign among the most lucrative slot machines in Vegas.

Can't afford to fly to Las Vegas in the near future? As an alternative you could play at slot machines in vegas casino online.