Casino Safety Tips

By Frank Scoblete*

Simple and practical casino safety tips to help ensure your personal safety and security in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

We would never have to worry about security in casinos if everyone were as honest as you and I. Whenever there is money involved, you are bound to run into dishonest people and in casinos there are a great number of players walking around with lots of money. Casinos do their best to protect the players and themselves from the criminal element with the surveillance cameras and a large security force.

Here are 10 simple and practical tips that you can follow to help ensure your personal casino safety and the protection of your money.

Watch the “bill” receptor.

When you feed a bill into the receptor of the slot machine, make sure you watch it go into the machine. Sometimes the receptor will spit the bill back out if it is crinkled or wrongly inserted.

Watch Your Wallet

Many men carry their wallets in their back pockets. This makes it easier for a nimble-fingered pickpocket to snatch it. For better casino safety carry your wallet in the front pocket, with an elastic band wrapped full film The Nice Guys

Watch Your Purse

Purses, cameras and other valuables should never be placed between slot machines. Keep your purse wrapped around your shoulder or set it in your lap while playing.

Fanny Packs

The use of a fanny pack is quite common with both genders of casino patrons. Most of these are worn on the person’s waist. While they are convenient for sunglasses, slot club cards and other incidentals, but should never have money, wallets or other valuables in them. The straps can be easily cut and a thief can quickly make off with the pack.

Beware of the Bump

Pickpockets often work in teams. One will bump you and the other will lift your wallet. If you do get bumped, you should immediately reach for your wallet to ensure it is still there.

Pocket Your Cash

When you get paid in the slots aisle or at the cashier’s cage, take a few seconds to put your money into your pocket or purse. Don’t have stacks of dollar bills in your hand; no one needs to know you won.

Security Escort

If you should win a large hand-paid jackpot, you can ask to have a security guard walk with you. If you are staying at the casino, you should put the money in a safe deposit box that most casinos make available to hotel guests. If you are traveling by car, you can ask security to walk you to your vehicle to make sure you get there safely.

Valet Park Your Car

Most  casinos offer valet parking and at some casinos it is free. Even if you have to pay, or give a $2 tip, it is worth the cost for your casino safety.

Elevator Safety

Never get into an elevator with someone that makes you feel nervous. Wait a minute or two for the next one.

More Casino Safety

You should always carry emergency identification on you in a place other than your wallet or purse. If you should become unconscious and have your wallet or purse stolen, there is still a way to be identified. Even keeping your slot club card in a different pocket will help to identify you in an emergency.

Most of these tips are common sense. I hope they will help you have a very happy and safe casino visit.

Remember: “Luck comes and goes…Knowledge Stays Forever!”

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