Las Vegas Comps

Las Vegas Comps

Las Vegas Comps are what casino resorts use to attract and keep costumers. Players can get complimentary food and beverages, accommodations, admission to Las Vegas Shows, even plane tickets, plus a variety of other awards. To gamble big means getting VIP treatment at Las Vegas hotels.

Cyberspace gaming establishments can’t offer such freebies; they compete by giving lucrative cash incentives, known as Online Casino Bonuses, in other words, FREE MONEY. Discover what’s available from those Amazing Bonus Casinos, then come back here for the story of my introduction to higher level Las Vegas Comps.

In the late 1980s and early ’90s it was possible to book three or four day air and hotel packages to Vegas for between $200 and $300 per person. My wife and I took advantage and made the trip several times a year. We weren’t big-spending gamblers; we enjoyed our getaways as much for lazing around the pool and watching entertainers in the evenings as for the casino atmosphere.

Of course I always had my slot club card inserted into the machines while playing. It’s how management tracks their player’s “action”. It tells them how long I’ve played and how much money I bet in total (including recycled winnings). And that determines the value of comps I would be entitled to.

Usually we could get free buffet or coffee shop meals, free drinks, free show tickets and invitations to free slot tournaments. Oh, and my favorite perk: line passes that allowed us to bypass restaurant lineups and go right in.

On one of those jaunts I was lucky playing my favorite casino game, Video Poker. I won several thousand dollars on the day of our departure. There was no time to gamble more and probably lose all that money. Besides, that would have been foolish.

A few days after returning home, there was a phone call from a man who introduced himself as our ‘casino host’. His name was Fred, he said be sure to call him next time we visit, he would “look after us”. I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded intriguing.

It turned out Fred tried very hard (and succeeded) to please us. We no longer needed to book hotel rooms, just flights. Upon arrival, Fred had a room waiting for us. He even had the hotel’s limousine transport us from and to the airport. It was too good to be true! I knew this Las Vegas Comps escapade would last only as long as our ‘action’ stayed at a certain level.

Luckily, both my spouse and I were fairly competent video poker players, which meant we played a lot, but managed to stay roughly even. We’d lose on one trip and win it back on the next visit. The gravy train lasted for nearly three years. Fred moved to another, smaller but fancier casino and we followed him. Except the lucky streak ended and we got older. We still enjoy visiting sin city, just not as often. Besides, we can play video poker, slot machines, keno and other games on our computers, taking advantage of online casino bonuses.

Slot Clubs & Las Vegas Comps

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