Travel Vegas Info and Tips

Travel Vegas
Info and Tips

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To travel Vegas means visiting America’s fasted growing city. Las Vegas’ population exceeds well over one million. The city is located in the state of Nevada in the midst of the desert. There are numerous huge casino-hotel resorts catering to millions of tourists and gamblers who are drawn here annually. All of the big casino-hotels try to outdo each other by offering more and more luxurious amenities.

Las Vegas’ history began about 1829. It was incorporated as a town in 1905 and gradually developed into the entertainment metropolis it is today. Gambling went on underground and surfaced officially in 1931, when the state of Nevada made the activity legal. The first casinos were established in the area known as “downtown”, mainly along Fremont Street.


At the western end of Fremont Street begins the famous Las Vegas Strip, officially named Las Vegas Boulevard South. Nearly all the big, well-known casino hotels are situated along this more than four miles of roadway. The tallest structure Opportunities—Apply at the northern end of the Strip is the Stratosphere tower. McCarran International Airport is near the southern end. In between are most of those famous casinos and hotels you’ve heard about.

If you plan to travel Vegas, these are three ways fake oakleys to get there:

By Car
From the West take Interstate 15 through hockey jerseys Barstow to Primm and Jean. You’ll be driving through the Mojave Desert, where temperatures can climb to well over 100°F. Be sure to brig along plenty of water.

From the East it’s Interstate 40 through Arizona to US-93 and eventually I-15 to Vegas. Along this route you’re close cheap oakleys to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, BoulderCity and Hoover Dam.

From the North Interstate 15 takes you through Mesquite, NV, which is worth a stop, and then all the way to Las Vegas.

By Air
Flying in is a great way to travel Vegas. McCarran International Airport is conveniently located, close to the Strip. Quite a few domestic and international airlines as well as various charter carriers serve Las Vegas. Shuttle buses and taxis carry you to your hotel.

By Bus
Greyhound buses run between Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Once settled in your hotel room, you may want to go exploring. Here are suggestions on how to get around in Las Vegas:

Going by foot is an option if it’s not NBA Jerseys Cheap too Cheap Jerseys hot and if you’re in good physical condition. Be warned that what looks like ‘just down the street’ could be over a mile away. Buildings cheap jerseys appear closer than they really are in Vegas. For crossing from one side of the Strip to the other, use pedestrian overpasses where available. It’s a sensible safety precaution.

A Monorail winds along the east side of the Strip. From the south end, it starts at the MGM Grand with stops at Ballys/Paris, Flamingo/Caesars, Harrahs/Imperial Palace, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las cheap ray bans Vegas Hilton, the Sahara and back.

Certain hotels are connected by complimentary rail shuttle including the Excalibur, Luxor and fake oakleys Mandalay Bay Tram. The Bellagio – City Center – Monte Carlo Tram and the Mirage – Treasure Island Tram.

City buses (Citizens Area Transit or CAT) are an inexpensive way to get from A to B, especially if you just want to travel along the Strip, or go downtown and back. They are air conditioned, but can fake ray bans be crowded during peak hours. Bus drivers do not give change, so it’s best to have the exact fare handy.

This Travel Vegas page told you a little about the 24-hour city of lights, means of getting there and how to get around once you’ve arrived. Everywhere you turn, there are plenty of casinos, but once inside, they’re all pretty much the same. What if you want to see and do something else, something different?

On this web site there are pages on Attractions, Sightseeing, Buffets, Night Life, Golf Courses, Shopping Malls, Wedding Chapels, Discount Coupons, Playing Slots and other interesting topics. Do some exploring and you’ll find much of interest. All information is unbiased and free. Enjoy and have a great time!

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