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Las Vegas Trip Planning

Advance Planning for the Perfect Getaway

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Want to know the secret to a perfect Vegas getaway? A bit of advance Las Vegas trip planning. That’s all it takes, but planning consumes a lot of time–where do you go to find all the answers you need? Well, now that you have found us–we can help. From deciding whether to buy a vacation package or find the best air fare and hotel deal on your own, to organizing show tickets and restaurant reservations in advance, we have suggestions for a well-planned Las Vegas escape.

Las Vegas Visitor Information

Begin your Las Vegas trip planning by oakley sunglasses contacting the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Information Call Center at 1-877-847-4858. Operators are available daily Cheap Football Jerseys 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). Ask them to send you their information package containing brochures, a map, a show guide, a calendar of events, and a list of attractions. They’ll be glad to answer your questions about Las Vegas.

When to Go to Las Vegas

Weather-wise, spring or fall are the best times, it’s not too hot and not too cool for outdoor activities. If you’re planning to spend most of your time indoors (in climate-controlled casinos), then anytime of the year is perfect.

Mondays to Fridays are less crowded than weekends, plus hotel prices are lower. Room rates are always higher on weekends, and they sky rocket whenever there are special events or big conventions in town.

Rooms that normally go for $79 a night can cost $299 during a major convention. Check with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (1-877-847-4858) if you want to avoid convention dates.

The least busy periods of the year fake ray bans are the months of June and July, the week prior to Christmas, and the first week after New Year’s. Do your Las Vegas trip planning around those times and you should be able to dig up some very good deals.

Getting to Las Vegas

By Plane

The following major North American airlines currently fly into Las Vegas:
Air Canada 800-776-3000
Air Alaska 800-426-0333
Aloha Airlines 800-367-5250
America West 800-2-FLY-AWA
American Airlines 800-433-7300,,
Continental Airlines 800-525-0280
Delta Airlines 800-221-1212
Hawaiian Air 800-367-5320
Mexicana 1-800-531-7921
Southwest Airlines 800-I-FLY-SWA
United Airlines 800-241-6522
US Air 800-428-4322
WestJet 888-westjet

Your Las Vegas travel planning could become a tedious task if you were to contact every airline in search of the best and cheapest flight. A faster and more convenient way to obtain the information is by logging onto online travel services. They’ll do the searching for you and display what flights are available on your selected date(s) and at what price.

By Car

If your Las Vegas trip planning includes driving, this is the approximate mileage from major American cities: Albuquerque 600, Boston 2750, Chicago 1800, Dallas/Forth Worth 1200, Detroit 2000, Houston 1500, Kansas City 1400, Los Angeles 280, Miami 2600, Memphis 1600, Milwaukee 1800, Minneapolis 1700, New Orleans 1750, New York 2600, Oklahoma City 1100, Philadelphia 2500, Phoenix 300, Portland, ME 2900, Reno 450, St. Louis 1600, San Antonia 1300, San Francisco 600, Seattle 1200, Washington, DC 2400.

The main highway leading into Las Vegas from the North is I-15, From the East it’s I-70 to Kingman, AZ and then U.S. 93 north to Las Vegas. If you’re approaching from the South, take I-10 west to Phoenix, then U.S.93 north. From the San Francisco area I-80 takes you to Reno, then U.S.95 south into Vegas.

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Las Vegas Hotels

While Las Vegas trip planning you might consider booking your flight and hotel as one package. The price of a package tour is often much lower than if you were to book the same or similar flight and hotel on your own. There are many online travel services oakley outlet offering Las Vegas package deals. Simply search for “las vegas travel package”. Also check the ads in the travel section of your weekend newspaper or ask your local travel agent.

Before you decide on a Las Vegas package tour, do some comparison shopping. Prices can vary greatly; do the more expensive tours offer better hotels or just higher prices? And be sure there are no hidden extras, like airport fees and taxes. Are all expenses included in the quoted price?

If you make your own travel arrangements, going by air or by car, you’ll also want to book your own hotel. To check availability and rates, call the hotels you are considering; see Las Vegas Casino Hotels for a complete list with addresses, toll-free phone numbers and web sites.

Here is a way to make your Las Vegas trip planning easier. Instead of bothering with time consuming phone calls to various hotels, it might be more productive to use or other online hotel booking services.

Alternately, you might consider booking a Las Vegas vacation package deal. One company advertised 4 days/3 nights starting at $109, and that included free buffets and free shows!

Las Vegas Shows and Restaurants

Taking in one of the spectacular Las Vegas Shows and perhaps dinner in a gourmet restaurant should also be part of your advanced Las Vegas trip planning. Top shows sell out quickly. Getting a reservation at a popular restaurant on short notice might not be possible. Visit for show tickets and for some great Las Vegas Restaurants to try out, read the reviews at


Las Vegas trip planning for first-time visitors


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