Las Vegas Safety Tips

Las Vegas Safety Tips

How to guard your purse or wallet

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Let me pass on some Las Vegas safety tips that might help you avoid a costly mistake I made. Please read carefully and try to remember, because with all the hustle and bustle of Glitter City, it’s easily cheap china jerseys understandable that common sense can be left at home.

I was playing blackjack, sitting on one of those high stools that most casinos use. There was no place to set my handbag so I tucked it neatly under the stool.

Safety Tip #1: don’t do that! When I gathered up my chips and reached for my purse, it wasn’t there. Someone had walked past my chair, saw me engrossed in the play and had managed to pinch my bag.

Safety Tip #2: Keep your bag over your shoulder if possible. If the strap isn’t long enough, store it on your lap.

Safety Tip #3: Better yet, don’t Cheap china Jerseys carry a bag. Use a pouch that wraps around your waist or a passport bag that you can buy wholesale Jerseys in luggage shops. Cheap nfl jerseys This neat little product hangs discreetly around your neck and tucks into your shirt. These little bags are roomy enough to carry your room key, eyeglasses, credit card, money and passport (although in Vegas, you’ll oakley outlet want to leave that in the safe). And they are comfortable.

#4 of the Las Vegas safety tips: If you absolutely insist on carrying a purse, I recommend one with a strap that crosses over your chest. It cannot be slipped from your shoulder by a passing vulture looking for easy prey.

#5 of the Las Vegas safety tips: Do not carry your passport or any other valuable documents on your person while in Las Vegas. Pull out your driver’s license, social security card, health insurance card, birth certificate, and anything else that would be difficult to replace cheap jerseys if your wallet or bag is stolen. Store these items in a safety deposit box at the hotel. When my bag was stolen, I lost everything and it took months and hours of inconvenience to get сделать it all Free Lunch Society 2017 download


#6 of the Las Vegas safety tips: Do not carry all your money with you. Take only what you need for half a day. Leave the balance in the safety deposit box. It is easier to head back to your room to refill your wallet when necessary than to suddenly discover someone else has your spending money.

#7 of the Las Vegas safety tips: If your wallet or purse is stolen, report it immediately to security and ask them to give you a report that you can provide to your insurance company. Most insurance companies have an 800 number for reporting losses. Call as soon as you have finished with the security team.


#8 of the Las Vegas safety tips: fake oakleys Many home insurance policies cover theft of personal belongings while away from home including cash that was in your wallet at the time it was taken. Make an effort to always know approximately how much money you are carrying so you can report an accurate figure and recover all that was taken.

Las Vegas safety for Men: cheap football jerseys Your wallet is not safe tucked into a front pocket rather than the back one. A man we know had his whole pocket ripped out in the blink of an eye while walking down a street. Another friend of ours reached in to get his wallet and to his surprise, found someone else’s hand in his pocket! A tummy pouch or passport bag around the neck is the safer way to go. Or consider buying slacks from companies like Tilley and LL Bean with hidden, secure pockets.

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