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Las Vegas Golf Guide

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Why would you need a Las Vegas Golf Guide? You’re going to Vegas to take in some shows, try your luck in the casinos and ogle the variety of attractions the city has to offer, right? So why a Golf Guide? Here are a few reasons that pop to mind:

* The weather is always near perfect for golf. If it’s too cold to play in your home city, you can spruce up that swing while on holiday in Las Vegas.


* Over 30 wholesale nfl jerseys courses are available for your pleasure (or aggravation!), 20 of them popping up since 1998. Golfing magazines have chosen many of the Vegas courses for national awards. We have listed courses on two pages, according to distance from the strip. oakley outlet Under ten miles and over ten miles.

* What we present here ranges from executive courses you can polish off in custom jerseys three hours to the Wolf course at Las Замена Vega Paiute Resort, at just over 7,600 yards, the longest in Nevada.

* There is a fine mix of prices. Feel like blowing the bundle you won last night? There are courses that will help evaporate it quickly. But if you Custom Jerseys are on a budget, you’ll also find lots to choose from in our cheap nfl jerseys Las Vegas Golf Guide. No matter at what price point, there is always top value for dollar spent. also has a great golf guide that you will find cheap nfl jerseys useful.

* Vegas is noted for its steamy summers. By driving 30 miles to one of the courses listed in our guide, you can breathe easier and feel more comfortable in the more cheap oakleys moderate temperatures. Up to 20 degrees cooler is not uncommon.

* You will find terrain unlike anything you have golfed on before at some of the courses noted in this guide. Ranging from desert flats and washes to canyons and high peaks, the Full scenery is breathtaking.

* It is healthy to leave the relentless noise of Las Vegas for the quiet domain of the fairways. Give your psyche a break.

* Think you can’t afford to blow your money on a game of golf. Think again! The average person will spend less in four hours on the links than what it would cost to play for four hours at a blackjack table or slot machine. This Las Vegas Golf Guide conveniently gives you the price range of the courses we list.

Convinced? Here are a couple of tips to remember. Tee times book up early, particularly for weekends. Wherever possible, we have included a web address for courses in our Las Vegas Golf Course Guides. Once you have your tee time set, make sure you have a car rented to take you to and from the course. Public transit won’t get you to most of the ones listed in our Las Vegas ray bans sale Golf Courses Guide.


Las Vegas Golf Guide to courses within 10 Miles of the Strip


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