Your Las Vegas Escort

Your Las Vegas Escort

This Las Vegas Escort page has tips and guidelines for your impending visit to the world’s most exciting destination.

If it will be your very first trip to the gambling capital of the world, on this page you get the unbiased opinions of one who has escaped to Las Vegas many times over the years. My tips and suggestions will hopefully help to make your visit more rewarding and more enjoyable.

It is conceivable to go to Vegas and not gamble in the casinos. But if you approach the activity as amusement, and budget how much you are prepared to risk, it will be fun and not too dangerous. Big wins are possible — but your chances are better if you know what you’re doing.

The e-book How to Really Really win at Slots can help improve your strategies for beating the machines in Las Vegas. If you itch to join in at a roulette table, you may first want to read about the Sure Roulette Method.

Whichever games you plan to play, as your Las Vegas escort, I suggest you set a daily budget and be realistic about what you can afford to spend. Figure this out in the sane surroundings of your home, not in the crazy atmosphere of Neon City. Set win and loss limits. When you’ve reached one or the other, quit.

If you want to make your bankroll last longer, stick to low limit bets, play nickel or quarter slots, search out $1 to $5 blackjack and roulette tables (found in small, off the Strip joints) and if you play video poker, click here for free tips and strategies. You’ll know what games to select and why. Unlike slots, on video poker machines you can tell what the pay out percentage is before you start to play.

There are lots of other things you can do besides spending your time inside the gambling halls.

You’ll be astounded at the relatively cheap meals offered in Las Vegas. All you can eat lunch for $5.99 and dinner for $7.99? But be skeptical. It may not be terrific food, meats could be overcooked and the crab legs might be soggy. And be aware that between you and those cheap buffets lies a huge hurdle — the gambling floor. I once had a really good breakfast for $2.99. Then on the way out I dropped $10 into a slot machine. For $12.99 that breakfast wasn’t so special!

Going to most shows in Las Vegas is not such a classy event. Some theaters are designed to jam the most number of people into the tiniest space. You and eleven other people might get seated at a table designed for eight. In places where there is no reserved seating, the size of your tip determines where the usher will seat you. To find out what show is playing where while you’re in town, pick up one of the free Las Vegas guide magazines found everywhere.

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O -Cirque du Soleil * Graceland Wedding Chapel

A good Las Vegas escort choice for upscale shopping is the Fashion Mall, right on the strip. Most the big casino-hotels also have their own shopping arcade, the most famous and longest established being the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. You may not have the budget to actually buy anything there, but go and look; you’ll be impressed.

Besides gambling and shopping, there are plenty of other things to do and see in Las Vegas. Many attractions are free or cost relatively little. Practically all larger casinos offer things worth seeing or doing. Among the many Las Vegas Escort choices: the canals at the Venetian, the Fountains at the Bellagio, the Roller Coaster at New York New York, the Volcano and the White Tigers at the Mirage and so much more.

If you hanker for a break from the endless casino action of the strip, here are a few of the many options:

* Rent a car or take a guided tour to Red Rock Canyon. You’ll see magnificent rock formations, plus wild donkeys that plant themselves in the middle of the road so you’ll stop and give them a treat.

* Fly in a small plane over the Grand Canyon. Numerous operators vie for your business. I would choose one recommended by the hotel travel desk.

* Pile into an oversized rubber dingy, float down the Colorado river and learn interesting things from your guide about local geology, fauna and wild animals.

This Las Vegas Escort page can only provide a short introduction to glitter city. You’ll discover many more attractions once you’re there. Have a ball in Las Vegas, enjoy the experience, and good luck

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