The Best of Las Vegas

What really is the Best of Las Vegas? It depends on what a person's priorities are. Gambling must be at the top of the list; isn't that what attracts the annual millions of visitors the most? I would classify entertainment second and sightseeing third. After that it depends on personal tastes and interests.

Besides perhaps a dozen mega casino/hotel resorts along the famous Las Vegas Strip, there must be a hundred other gambling establishments spread all over town. Many of them featuring show rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and other attractions to lure in not only tourists but local residents as well. The competition is fierce, that's why it's still possible to find bargains in Las Vegas.

Accommodation at Aria, Bellagio, MGM, Palazzo, Paris, Venetian, Vdara, Wynn, etc. might be $150 or $200 a night, but compared to same-class hotels elsewhere, those rates are still a bargain. If your idea of Best of Las Vegas hotels is below $100 a night, there are many of those to choose from. And if you don't mind being surrounded by less luxury, you can even find places in the $25 to $50 range.

Depending on how big a gambler you are, it is possible to get your room charges, meals, drinks and even airfare "comped". Hotel casinos will give you all of the above for free, if you spend enough money in their casino. You don't have to lose it all, as long as you bet much and for extended periods of time. For more on this subject please read What are Comps, How do I get Them?.

If you equate Las Vegas Entertainment with Las Vegas Shows, a click here takes you to a page that makes finding tickets to a show you really want to see as easy as can be. Browse through the listings for show descriptions, performance dates and availability, pricing, theater information, locations and much more. There is a most comprehensive listing of Las Vegas entertainment including video previews for some of the shows.

Las Vegas Sightseeing usually means sightseeing tours. Trips not only within Sin City but also the surrounding area. It may be the one chance in your lifetime, so explore Vegas the way you always wanted to. Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam tours are the most popular. Take a day trip by motor coach, helicopter or airplane and see firsthand what you have always imagined. Click for an up-to-date online guide to the Best of Las Vegas bus rides, helicopter tours, airplanes and even bicycle trips.

Las Vegas attractions encompass many things. The variety is really large; there is something for every whim and taste. From aquariums to roller coasters, museums, national parks, wonders of the desert and more, To be sure you get the most out of your Vegas vacation we suggest you peruse this list of favorite Las Vegas attractions, complete with detailed descriptions, photos, fun facts and much more!

You may or may not be familiar with the names of some Las Vegas Night Clubs. If it's of interest, browsing through this Night Club Listing will tell you about a variety of the most popular Las Vegas Clubs with descriptions, location information, availability, and other details about Vegas Night Life.

Lastly, there are subjects we have not mentioned above. If you're interested in a Restaurant and Dining Guide, including Buffets, Golf Courses, Las Vegas Shopping, Spas, Pools in Las Vegas or if you're planning to get married in the city, there is information elsewhere on this site. You can also visit Best of Las Vegas Guide and find what you want to know.

Enjoy the best of Las Vegas and have fun!

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