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Wynn/Encore Resorts

Visiting Wynn/Encore Resorts

“Things must be tight in Las Vegas,” we commented when, in June, an invitation to three free nights at Wynn/Encore resorts arrived in the mail. While we had played there a couple …

Las Vegas Blog

Las Vegas Blog

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Tells you about new articles of interest to Las Vegas visitors.

Points out Las Vegas attractions that you might otherwise have missed.

The Best Las Vegas Buffets

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Las Vegas Slot Tournaments

Las Vegas Slot Tournaments can be your best entertainment value

Las Vegas Slot Tournaments enjoy tremendous popularity. Mainly they are entertaining and relatively cheap and offer a chance to win enormous prizes for the top three winners. A prize structure …

What Vegas Slot Players Wish For

What Vegas Slot Players
Wish For

By Frank Scoblete

 I asked vegas slot players what kind of slots they would like to see in casinos. Their answers surprised me.

There are times when writers actually forget to talk to their …

Travel Vegas Info and Tips

Travel Vegas
Info and Tips

To travel Vegas means visiting America’s fasted growing city. Las Vegas’ population exceeds well over one million. The city is located in the state of Nevada in the midst of the desert. There are numerous …

Things to Do in Vegas

Things to do Las Vegas

Downtown and Beyond the Strip

Here are some suggestions for things to do Las Vegas once you venture beyond the glitter of the Strip. Most casinos are smaller and the gambling odds are generally better.

Most LucrativeSlot Machines in Vegas

Most Lucrative
Slot Machines in Vegas

While there are thousands of slot machines in Vegas, some pay out higher than others. Although that usually means the odds are higher,  the fact that it’s all down to chance and your penny …

Shopping Experience

A Las Vegas
Shopping Experience

The day I almost lost my shirt

This Las Vegas shopping experience happened on a trip to Las Vegas a number of years ago. We were staying at Treasure Island, a hotel I really like …